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About Rod

  • Rod was born and raised in Quincy, Illinois.

  • He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement Administration from Western Illinois University.

  • In 1978 he moved to Colorado and began his professional career as a financial crimes investigator in the banking industry.

  • In 1989 he received a diploma from the University of Colorado at Boulder Graduate School of Banking.

  • Rod held numerous management positions throughout his 17 year banking career specializing in consumer and small business lending.

  • After leaving banking, he ran a home-based small business for 9 years prior to running for office.

  • He was elected as a County Commissioner in 2004 and served for 12 years in that capacity.

  • Rod has been married to his wife Susan for more than 35 years and raised 5 children who graduated from Cherry Creek Schools. They have five grandchildren.

  • He enjoys spending time with his family and reading books on history and politics.

  • Rod's greatest passion is his work as a public servant. This is demonstrated by the tireless hours he spends on committee work at the State Capitol. He serves on several prestigious House committees; Finance, Judiciary, Legislative Audit and Appropriations - a heavy load for most legislators.