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Rod Bockenfeld is a fiscally responsible, proven leader who plans for our future.

Guiding Principles
  • Protect the rights of the individual
  • Protect the free enterprise system
  • Reduce government to the lowest practical level
  • Practice fiscal responsibility

What I Stand For
  • Pro - Life
  • Pro - Second Amendment
  • Pro - Local control of education
  • Pro - Structurally balanced budgets
  • Pro - Growth that pays its own way
  • Pro - Main Street businesses vs. Wall Street businesses

What I Will Fight For
  • Protect our agriculture industry
  • Protect our water resources
  • Protect our aging population
  • Protect our liberties
  • Protect your family values

What I Will Be Tough On
  • Tough on criminals
  • Tough on self-serving politicians
  • Tough on tax and fee increases
  • Tough on setting the right budget priorities
  • Tough on preventing fraud, waste and abuse